Your strategic business partner in Central Europe

We provide direct access to the largest business markets in Europe.

Your Benefits

New Markets. Sustainable Practice. Quick Access. Minimum Risk.

Your Competitive Advantage

We provide access to the largest business markets in Europe.

No bootstrap phase. We enter the market immediately.

Proven track record and knowledge of local markets.

We minimize costs of acquisition, sales, and service.

We connect you to the largest IT-providers.

We provide Influential contacts to executives and senior managers.

Magnus Karlsson
Founder & CEO

Zurich, Switzerland

Magnus is a renowned expert on the Swiss IT market with more than 20 years of international professional experience. He has contributed to several start-ups and open source projects. Furthermore, he is a consultant for enterprise architecture in different industries all across Europe.
Frank Jahraus
COO & Business Strategy

Frankfurt, Germany

Frank is an expert of marketing, product management, and complex enterprise sales in the German IT industry with almost 20 years of professional experience in Germany and other European countries. Most recently he served as the Head of Business Development at Innovative Banking Solutions AG in Germany.
Jens Eser
Head of Sales in United States

Los Angeles, California

Jens has more than 10 years of professional experience and acquire a versatile background and comprehensive skills in Marketing, Sales, and Entrepreneurship. He has worked with large global organizations and developed a proven track record. Furthermore, he is involved in different start-ups which he support as a consultant in the United States.